Why Transparency Is Critical in Times of Crisis, Part 2: Decision vs. Discussion

Image by David Travis via unsplash

Discussion or Decision?

During peacetime, organizations are usually afforded more time to make decisions, and leaders prioritize empowering employees by advising thinking things through rather than being hasty. During wartime, decisions have to be made quickly so people can start executing them, which comes at the expense of employee autonomy. This is when clear communication makes a big difference for your employees.

  • The candidate must have had substantial experience managing engineering teams at a tech company.
  1. The candidate spent their entire career in finance and consulting, and their only stint at a tech company lasted merely 10 months.

Decision, Not Discussion

In wartime, it is important to identify when a decision has been made and notifying the team. Being transparent that a decision has already been made allows you to maintain trust, which serves as the foundation for everyone to concentrate on steering the company away from crisis.

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